The beautiful fight is a site and blog designed to unite women through the power God placed in self-expression.

This is a living story of my daily fight through depression. On these pages I battle my present struggles of anxiety, desperation, and self-hatred that rose in the place of suppressed pain and emotions. I share from the depths of my heart the frightening journey in discovering buried, past memories and unmet needs. Today they’re out.  Today they’ve surfaced and are being undone - and here I unravel them.

I strongly believe that when the truth is brought into the light, there is freedom. It is my heart’s desire that these pages offer you comfort in knowing that your struggle is understood, and that perhaps you even find them as an expression of your own feelings that long to be voiced. May this site be a source of hope for the fighter, or serve as an inside glimpse to better understand the struggle of a loved one.