Bring your faith to life.

“Faith is dead by itself.” James 2:17

Take a deep breath and step ahead; it’s time to bring your faith to life.

Perhaps you’ve got faith; you’re an expert dreamer, a determined entrepreneur, and a prayer warrior. You’ve got a list of needs you’re waiting to see fulfilled and you believe with all of your heart that He will provide the way. Often times we are waiting for God to heal us when really the healing lies in our hands to get up and take responsibility…to make the change.

There comes a time when faith alone is just that, alone, and it can’t go any further. Faith is dead by itself. True faith is taking responsibility for who we are, the good and the hard, and doing something about it. When all energy channeled towards praying and hoping is matched with violent, intentional action, all authority is released in our direction. Victory is accomplished for us, healing takes place, and dreams come true.

You see, I had believed with all of my heart, but I didn’t know that I was as far as I could get on my own. I simply couldn’t see the steps to get out of my anxiety and mental oppression because I had no idea of how far off I was. For me, the decision to get help wasn’t hard. But it was the daily decision to stick with it, despite how frightened or ashamed of my thoughts, that needed every last ounce of my strength. It was dedicating myself to therapy, the choice to speak out loud the horribly painful thoughts invading my mind, and the simple act of getting up in the morning with a broken heart. It was an active choice to live despite I felt like I was dying.

Today my pain is much less, and it’s not every morning that I wake up in utter anguish, but my active determination towards my health and dreams continue to grow all the more. It’s scary and extremely hard. It’s the choice to have discipline and to be disciplined that brings us emotional health, to a healthy weight, to a relationship with our God, free of medicine or the courage to start taking it. It’s a difficult, yet beautiful fight against the hard, broken places of our heart. And it’s more than possible, it’s worth it.

May we ask ourselves the question, “what am I bringing to my faith?” And may we match the strength of our faith with relentless attempts towards our dreams and needs. Life is just a step away.

What steps will you take today? See where your faith takes you. It’s active.