thoughts and feelings in the midst of the storm

When nothing makes sense, when you’re weak and beyond unmotivated, know that it’s not the end. Don’t let the opposing feelings of this life keep you from pushing forward. There is a way – and our job is to find it.


I’m suddenly left blind, no sight of hope in this darkness. The tiny amount of inspiration I saw now seems so small and insignificant and I doubt if it really matters as much as I thought it did. All ideas and plans and dreams are lost in the confusion. But my darkness doesn’t change the existence of Light. It’s there; I know it’s there somewhere. One day I will feel. I will feel with joy and nothing holding me back. I will be free. Free from self-accusations. One day I will live.

I won’t sit here and wait for it, wondering when it will come. I choose to get up, to fight this paralyzing fight - because I will win. I won’t fear the feelings, because this destiny has been declared mine. It might feel like it’s been ripped out of my hands and all of my strength is gone as I lay sprawled out in helplessness, but I know that He is for me! My all may slip through my fingers but it never escapes His. And He holds it for me, carefully protecting it with all authority until that moment I am ready to stand up again.