Almost, just almost, for a few lingering seconds I am able to feel as if I am back in my homeland.  #foreigner

I’ve chosen to give it up – for now.

Though I am a foreigner, I’ve never truly felt that where I am isn’t mine. For me, I must keep moving, making all around me into my own by giving it a taste of my heart and soul. I believe this has helped me to adapt where I am, and to move past days of homesickness and frustration with the government-imposed limitations. Often times most things around me appear old and worn, not in a lovely, romantic way, but an undeveloped way in desperate need of inspiration and love. But somehow, despite the depressing sights and feelings of discomfort, I manage to catch glimpses of beauty. The clapping horse hooves reach my ears with beauty, and the simple, little café blesses my heart in such a way that all else seems to no longer matter.

The physical freedom and comfort of a homeland is something that may change or be taken away from me with or without my consent; but this peace of mind, this world of creative Freedom is one that can never be removed. It is within me to stay, and with it I will make all around me more beautiful, one thought at a time.