So exciting! The very first post on the beautiful fight - this is worth celebrating!
So get yourself an iced coffee (or a warm chai latte if you’re in the southern hemisphere like me) as I share with you what you can expect to find on this blog. If you haven’t already, take a look at the about section to read about the vision for this site and to hear my own story.

I will be posting daily on the thoughts that pass through my mind and the feelings that follow them. I write the way I think, deeply and often all over the place, yet somehow it falls into place on paper.  It’s not easy to gather my thoughts and to sit down and put this dream into action. It’s much easier to lose myself in my journal for an hour or so, and then drop my pen inside and close it up when I feel satisfied. I’m a dreamer, a futuristic thinker, and I love to surround myself with fresh ideas that ignite my creative imagination.  So this decision to turn my desire into a reality is a huge step for me, because though I rarely lack inspiration and ideas, the idea of making it happen can be overwhelming to me.

It’s a choice. There’s power in our decisions. Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing if we let it, but our decisions are what determine our life. I’ve taken the step; I’ve done the hardest part. My heart is in this and I’m making it happen!
I wish you and encounter with His love for you - Enjoy!