Have you found what makes your heart sing?

Our voice represents power. When we are fully awake, we won’t accept to stay where we are. We will no longer believe that this is as good as it gets. There’s much more to be lived! Step out of the daily routine. True life happens the moment we don’t allow the daily needs and the reality of financial provision to take the place of your destiny. Search for it passionately; go after that one (or many) thing with all you got and live your dream. I promise you that it will satisfy your heart and needs.

Once we find our purpose and intentionally place ourselves right in the middle of it, all of heaven opens up before us. And we can’t even begin to imagine the amazing things that are on their way. This is because our gifts and talents are what bring us freedom and cause us to flourish, aligning us with our identity. It’s that place in life that makes our heart sing.

He gave me the gift of self-expression; awareness and sensitivity to everything in and around me. But I suppressed my gift. The enemy was able to make me believe that I was unworthy, a choice that in turn kept me far from the amazing things God had in store for me. I turned my calling into a nightmare – something I avoided with all of my might.  I was afraid and guilty to express myself.

Let’s think about what our fears are, and in what areas our insecurities lie. My insecurities were rooted and painted all over my identity, over my very voice. I was lost and the few glimpses I caught of my own self, I immediately chose to hide, afraid of exposing myself to others. Now, I have locked eyes with who I was created to be, with who I am. I want what I saw, and I want all of it. I may fall again and criticize myself into a corner, but I will rise. This blog is the very start of me defying the lies, of stepping out into what He created me for. I am just so excited to watch how I take off and soar, and you too! Let's do this!