Oh the strength one needs to see the waves coming, knowing she needs to hold on until it passes. And it does pass - that's the promise.

The waves are coming and the wind is starting to blow. Hard.
But hold on, I’m here with you.
You are going to feel a lot of things and think thoughts that frighten you. Don’t be afraid of your thoughts.
They will pass.
Let them come. Let them be. You can feel them, but you are not them. They don’t have to be who you are.

All hell breaks loose, blowing violently around me on all sides, trying relentlessly to shake my very core. I feel the strength of its winds, the pull of it’s temptations, and I lay my eyes upon the familiar paths it beggons me to take. It’s perversely comfortable and I desire to cave into it’s familiarity. But I know what I have to do. I gather all my bits and pieces of strength and put myself onto the scene that, in my eyes, I never existed in.

The thoughts that fought for my attention are being slowly covered, and the enslaving darkness lifts off. All else has passed away and all that is left standing is me and my Savior.