She's ready.

You’ve come so far, and now you’re ready. You’re ready for more. You can handle it. Don’t fear. I’m going to reveal to you another piece of the lies you believe and act on which are keeping you in this place. Keeping you from being you. Healthy, strong, beautiful you. When you feel it, don’t panic. You don’t need to judge yourself; I’m not judging you. Look, I’m holding your hand.

                                                        You’re brave, my love.

Look up, face these feelings, and I will show you the thoughts that ignited them. I know they’re scarier than the feelings themselves, but hold on, you’re almost there.
Write. Don’t hide from them. I know you want to get out of here and go running with all of your might. Scared and confused, desperate for an answer. Write. Write it out. Don’t give up in the moments of obscurity. Be calm. I am leveling your rough places and raising up your valleys, giving you a secure place to set your feet. Yes, this is your new foundation, the one that I’ve already laid for you.


Another step on the journey. Today I feel I have taken fifty steps forward. Everyone has their own pace. My mind moves quickly, and my God gives me multiple steps ahead in each move. It’s my rhythm. It’s so intense, so overwhelming that I often desire to close my eyes and fall backwards, fall asleep, fall into being a nobody again. But I gather my courage and face it. I can do it. I’m not giving up. I’m keeping my eyes on the me I’ve seen, the me I’ve come to know. I want that me.