My husband Lucas is already fast asleep, my gluten free vanilla cake (!) is baking in the oven, and I’m here writing you your Friday post - completing the first week of blog posts! Thank you with all of my heart for encouraging this exciting phase in my life!

Tomorrow is a day that I honestly never imagined would be happening. It is The Beautiful Fight launch party! We’ll be celebrating at my favorite French café enjoying an afternoon of lattes, Belgium hot chocolate, some authentic French croissants, and of course, the yummy vanilla cake (let’s hope it turns out). I want to share more of what I’ve got planned, but that’s going to be a secret until tomorrow. I’ll be sharing pictures on Monday’s post so you can join in on the celebration!

As I think and pray about what to post, I want to leave you with these few words for tonight:

Also the night…
Wow. How might I begin to describe the reality of this? He has everything in His hands and it all must submit to His authority. It’s easy to believe that the daylight is in His hands, but the darkness? This touched me so deeply today and confidence overtook my soul. I feel completely at ease knowing that the darkest of places cannot escape His power and authority. It’s all His. His very word keeps me from falling further down, and He commands light to be sent to me in the middle of blackness. He lovingly allows me to feel and see the pain within my heart so that I might change.  

This is He who fights for me.
This is He who fights for you.