Power is possible in the darkness.

Power is possible in the darkness - that is where the beauty happens. It’s incredibly hard to choose without feeling desire. Emotions may be absent and pleasure unfelt, but strength is there. Be faithful to yourself. 

Despite the sadness of getting up and living without pleasure, I get up anyways. Power is unleashed the second I consciously choose to take responsibility, then false beliefs begin to lose their brightness as Reality begins to shine. I feel myself crumbing within yet this time it’s not me. It’s a painful and mighty destruction that simultaneously builds me up. My insecurities and fragility are being broken into pieces and falling to the floor. I’m left stripped and exposed, squirming uncomfortably to hide my bareness. But I’m not left here undone. Slowly and miraculously, I begin to find stability. Truth begins to clothe my nakedness as I accept my buried desires and needs. Allowing destruction enables construction.  For no matter how long I tried, I found out that, truly, no one can lay a foundation other than that which has already been laid.