expressing my heart as art

A creative mind must create, and for that reason I know that I was created for more. He’s given me the ability to feel and to see from a different perspective, how to explain the depths of the world through my thoughts. This is who I am and how I was designed.

The good and frightening, the pleasing and alarming, it all takes place because somehow, for some reason, my mind thinks it. Maybe I won’t stop doing this. Maybe my mind won’t stop being what it was created to do, but I will find a way. I will find a way to feel, the way to live with it and how to be in control of my mind rather than be enslaved by it. To take what happens within my heart and mind and manifest it in matched force and energy. I will find that perfect balance and turn the chaos into that beautiful mess called art.

This is my passionate pursuit, and this is where my being lies, hidden beneath the scattered heaps of endless ideas waiting to be expressed. And you will be expressed, my heart. I’ve reached the surface and I can feel your nearness, I finding my way to you.