My creative process: painting on glass and fuji instax pics

Do you ever wish that moment's wouldn't end and that the depths of creativity would just keep coming?

I've been meaning and planning to share more of what I do with all of you. I've also doubted myself to the point of just never bringing them into the here and now. Today it's happening, and I hope that you enjoy the visuals and that they bring some life to the words I usually share.
I'm a writer and a dreamer, and it all happens in whatever form I can get my hands on. Some days it's all deep words, while other days it's paint over magazines and papers. And this week, it was paint over broken glass sheets that an older man was sweet enough to give me by the box full. 


It was a confusing, and for that matter, frustrating day. But I painted it out and took pictures of it all. I happen to make beauty out of what I find to be the opposite - until I realize that it's all beauty. Sometimes it's just not until I reach the other end that I realize it as being so. Yes, it's beauty. Yes, it's art. And this is what I do. 


I made strokes along the clear glass in pink and purple, and the deliberate movement set me in motion towards the dreams I've been planning.  The boxful of glass is now half painted and waiting for a special new photoshoot that is coming up for a whole new project. 


I surround myself with journals, papers, my bible, markers, and the pile only grows with the creative moment. I love using fine point Sharpies, and my favs are metallics. I get ideas and write them down, reach for other things around the room and mark art with them, too.  


Music makes me soar, so I've always got something playing. I'm always alternating between romantic classical, the piano guys, bethel music, and my new favorite playlist by Katie Rodgers on Spotify. 


Looking through a piece of textured glass that appears broken and useless. It's little remaining corner makes magic.


Playing around with possible stroke designs for the upcoming project.


Documenting my work with more pictures using my adorable pink Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera. I always loved taking pics with my bulky polaroid as a teen, and this new little edition is more portable and so fun!

I'm going to end this post here, but there will be more! Let me know what makes you inspired, and please share this post with your friends who love the creative process, too.

Parting words of inspiration for you: