in the search for wings


This post celebrates the beauty of exploration. It’s a journey of questioning the fight we fight and the struggle we endure to simply get out of the normal routine. It’s a blatant abandonment of the dishes in the sink and the ever-present feeling of selfishness in moments of pursuing our own needs. So in this very moment, may you be equally encouraged and impelled to jump up and gather the extra moments here and there and set them apart for a special time of self-indulgence; yes, for moments of pure creativity. 

There’s something about the flow of creativity that causes me to move as well. It breathes and awakens inspiring thoughts and passion that otherwise might not have been spurred on. And it happened now because I took the time, I took the extra half hour or fifteen minutes and allowed myself to simply participate and enjoy.

So much passion, so much life is waiting to happen, and there’s one warring against the dreams planned for us. And I dare say, perhaps we ourselves are in this war, fighting on the challenger’s side. For deep down, just possibly, we are afraid of this very thing, of the idea that we could ever deserve the beauty and freedom our heart cries out for. Our soul rises up in search for Life, yet we in turn strike it back down again; and so the battle continues. We oppress and suppress it, convincing ourselves that we’re okay where we are and that somehow, this thing we’re living is as good as it gets. But let me tell you a secret, one that I won’t merely whisper. I’ve tasted and I’ve seen, I’ve truly lived, if even for moments of time; sweet moments over the aroma of espresso and watching yellow butterflies bounce about. I know it’s there.

This is one of the hardest parts in the process, having stubborn determination to invest in this journey that leads you to the ultimate destination. I personally become frustrated with not knowing how or where to pour out my energy and passion. It takes guts to endure the frustration of opening the wrong door, but that, too, is part of the exploration. It’s opening it even though you aren’t sure you’ll enjoy what’s there, yet knowing that you can always close it back up if you don’t.

Oh, keep on opening!

One day you will open the right one, filled and overflowing with many wings of love and creativity, including your very own. And that’s when you’ll stretch out your arms and put them on; ready to soar because you’ve found the passion that makes you fly.

So that’s why I’ll fight, even if I have to fight against myself. I will write it down on pages and paintings and beautiful things so that she who races too fast through life may catch a glimpse of the one waiting for her, of the life that only she can live. And those countless other doors yet to be explored? You don’t need to worry, what is to be opened for you cannot remain shut, not in your name. So go, love, and swing open those doors, you just might find another set of wings.