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"Capable. Qualified. Destined to do so much."

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I cannot begin to explain the feelings involved with the launch of my first series.
These words are a collection of some that run deep for me. They came to me out of a search for Truth and flooded my heart in the midst of both joy and my darkest of pain. I felt them and wrote them, and declared them all over pages with the certainty of this dream that is now released to you. 
It wasn't easy. I wrote and dreamed and then seemingly erased it all with doubt, yet my fearful insecurity couldn't reach that far, for these dreams were etched in my heart with destiny. I decided to fight for Life beyond emotional illness, and to take hold of the one I had envisioned.

This first collection represents that victory I chose and the daily battle I fought to get these here. They are no longer hidden or stunted with self-doubt, but out in the open and proudly revealed...they are exposed.

I have personally chosen to support A21 campaign by donating 7% of all profit to their campaign. A21 actively fights to abolish slavery in the 21st century. As you purchase and hang my prints on your walls, you’ll also be helping A21 to write freedom on the hearts of others. Learn more about how A21 is bringing justice to modern day slavery and how you can help here. 

I use the lovely SC STOCKSHOP images to display my art. 
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